“He’s got the edge but with experience comes wear and tear” – Michael Bisping predicts outcome of Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva

Michael Bisping has weighed in with his prediction for the much-awaited Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva boxing match. YouTube megastar-turned-boxer Paul (5-0 in boxing) is scheduled to face MMA legend Silva (3-1 in boxing) in a professional boxing matchup that’ll headline an event on October 29th.

Both ‘The Problem Child’ and Silva have recently competed in cruiserweight boxing bouts. On that note, their upcoming eight-round fight is expected to be contested at 187 pounds.

Taking to his YouTube channel, Michael Bisping suggested that fellow former UFC middleweight (185-pound) champion Anderson Silva is likely to defeat Jake Paul in their boxing match. ‘The Count’ alluded to the fact that Silva competed at 185 pounds for the better part of his MMA career and that his 187-pound bout with Paul would be a good weight for both fighters.

He insinuated that the 47-year-old Silva is a better fighter than the 25-year-old Paul, but his age could work against him. Regardless, predicting a Silva victory, Bisping stated:

“Anderson’s got the experience. He’s got the edge, but with experience comes wear and tear, there comes damage that cause potential problems with the chin. I don’t think that’s necessarily a factor here. Jake Paul’s young. He’s got the boxing experience. He’s got momentum on his side. He’s got probably more power right now. But he’s not as fast. He’s not as experienced. I mean, who godd**n knows? But I’ll tell you right now, as I said, there’s no way I’m going to pick against Anderson Silva.”

“So, October 29th, Phoenix, Arizona, Anderson Silva goes out there. And I hope, and I bloody pray, even though I’m not religious, that Anderson Silva gets the job done. I think he will. It’s going to be a good one. I’m excited for it.”

Watch Bisping discuss the topic at 8:04 in the video below:


Nate Diaz believes Jake Paul could beat Anderson Silva in their boxing match

UFC megastar Nate Diaz is set to compete in the final fight of his current contract with the organization. The veteran MMA fighter will face Tony Ferguson in a welterweight (170-pound) bout that’ll headline UFC 279 on September 10th. Following that matchup, Diaz is expected to explore combat sports options outside the UFC.

Many believe that Diaz could face Jake Paul in a big-money boxing match soon. During UFC 279 media day earlier this week, Diaz weighed in on the Paul-Silva boxing showdown and opined that Paul is capable of beating the legendary ‘Spider.’ Diaz said:

“I think Jake Paul could win or do well too. He’s young, motivated, strong, inspired to box. So it makes for an interesting fight.”

Watch Diaz address the topic at 4:45 in the video below:


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