“Horrible showing by the Giants” “Pathetic, lifeless team” – San Francisco Giants fans losing hope on team’s playoff chances after disappointing loss to Arizona Diamondbacks

The San Francisco Giants’ 2022 season continues to disappoint with a loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-0. The Giants’ record now sits at 59-59. Coming off of a season where the has team won 100 plus games, the 2022 campaign has not lived up to expectations.

The San Francisco Giants are now 6 games behind in the National League Wild Card standings. With a month and a half left in the season, making up six games will be a tough task.

FINAL: Diamondbacks 5, #SFGiants 0.” [email protected]

Many Giants fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations from the disappointing loss at home. One fan thought it was a horrible showing by the Giants as they tried to battle back into the playoff picture. Starting pitcher Logan Webb, who has had a great year on the mound, struggled, going 4.2 innings and allowing three earned runs.

@SFGiants Horrible showing by the Giants especially Webb.

Other fans are more angry about the Giants’ offense, who failed to score any runs off of a rebuilding Arizona team. The Giants’ offense managed four base hits in total, and two of the hits came from one player. A horrible showing by the Giants’ offense.

Being able to win against teams with a record below .500 is critical for the Giants as they look to remain in the Wild Card race.

@SFGiants Pathetic, lifeless team. Act like you want to be there for once. Abysmal at bats

One fan did not watch the game, but felt the final score was atrocious to look at.

@SFGiants i didn’t even watch but oh my god that’s atrocious

Other fans simply don’t care for the team at this point. A highly disappointing year for the Giants after being so dominant in the 2021 regular season.

The San Francisco Giants’ offense and defense performed poorly, leaving many fans disgusted

The Giants had previously won five games in a row before dropping their last two games against the Diamondbacks.

Fans are puzzled as to how the team can lose to a struggling team such as Arizona.

Some fans want first baseman Brandon Belt to retire, as he has struggled for much of the season. Belt is batting .220 with 8 home run and a .696 OPS. Belt has battled with injuries for much of the season. It would be unfortunate to see his career come to an end like this.

@SFGiants Webb was due for a bad start. Belt though… he needs to retire, captain of a sinking ship. good giant in the past, but he’s way done. the rest of the offense sucked as well. this team isn’t good. #firefarhan #firekapler

Overall, a disappointing loss for the San Francisco Giants today as they continue to be inconsistent for much of the season.

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