How Did Joe Mackey Manage To Deadlift 900 Pounds?

Bodybuilder Joe Mackey made headlines for his pretty outrageous feat of strength, as he waltzed through a set of 800-pound deadlifts. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he just lifted a hundred pounds more.

Bodybuilders are strong. However, they’re no strongmen. So, for a man who is a bodybuilder by trade to be pulling strongman numbers is one of the greatest showcasing of raw strength the world has perhaps ever seen.

The Texas native, at 37 years of age, is an IFBB pro and shares some pretty elite company with the likes of Ronnie Coleman, Hunter Labrada, and Johnnie Jackson. However, exactly did he achieve such a remarkable feat? Let’s take a look at what he has had to say.

Joe Mackey’s Impressive 900-Pound Deadlift and How He Did It

“It was not the prettiest but I told you and myself I was going to do it and I did just that,” Mackey captioned the video with an honest quote. “If you look midway through the lift, you’ll see I shake my head no because doubt kicked in, and I said drop it, but that wasn’t going to happen without a fight.”

What makes this video even more incredible is the touching tribute to late bodybuilding icon Cedric McMillan, who sadly passed away in April 2022 at the age of 44. It seems fitting that Mackey would dedicate his most impressive lift to McMillan, as it was an incredibly earnest way of honoring his memory.

The road to 900 pounds hasn’t been easy, as one would expect. Mackey has documented his steady progress on Instagram, and one can see his progress from 800 to 855 to 870, and finally, the big 900 pounds. What’s more impressive is that Mackey was able to leap from 870 to 900 pounds in just two months. That’s plenty of evidence to support the claims that he might just be superhuman.

While raw strength goes a long way, an optimal training programme and a solid support system can help you reach for the stars. Luckily for Mackey, he had none other than legendary bodybuilding coach Chad Nicholls in his corner, to whom he credits his success.

It comes as no surprise that Nicholls would train Mackey, considering he was Ronnie Coleman’s coach, another Texan beast known for his absurdly heavy deadlifts and squats.

Currently, Mackey and Nicholls are hard at work to prepare the former for the upcoming season. While it seems like 900 pounds is a lot, with his never-say-die attitude, Mackey just might set his sights on quadruple digits.


Joe Mackey is an inspiration for many people who want to push their limits in a sport or activity. His approach to training and competition is unique, but it has worked for him.

His unending desire and drive to be the best in his industry sets him apart from his peers. That proves there are many different ways to get into shape, and you should figure out what works best for you.

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