How Elden Rings’ Carian Retaliation glitch is destroying the PvP meta

Elden Ring has some truly incredible ways to play in both PVE and PVP. When it comes to PVP at the moment, thanks to a glitch from the Ash of War variant of Carian Retaliation, players are getting absolutely destroyed by invisible daggers that are doing far more damage than they are supposed to.

This bizarre glitch is essentially one-shotting players in PVP, ruining the competitive mode of the game considering how often it’s being used right now. Unfortunately, there has been no word from FromSoftware on a fix so far.

What is the Carian Retaliation glitch in Elden Ring?

Carian Retaliation is an Ash of War skill that gets applied to small or medium shields. This skill allows players to parry enemy spells, and when this triggers, they gain a trio of floating daggers. These will target the opponent after a few seconds, dealing damage to them.

While it sounds decent in theory, players have discovered they can strangely parry their own spells. This can be done by normally casting a spell, or using consumables (Glintstone Scraps, for example). Suddenly, the player doesn’t have to wait for an opponent to cast a spell at them. They have an attack that can be easily spammed, and it scales with the shield’s upgrade level as well.

Elden Ring PVP would already be pretty frustrating based on this, but the skill’s bugged in PVP too. Players can see the attack trigger and the dagger appears, but the actual attack is invisible, making evasion/blocking incredibly difficult.

According to the Elden Ring Reddit thread, it’s also doing far more damage than it’s supposed to, but this only really applies to the Ash of War version. If the player using this glitch parries their own spells, the projectiles don’t show up.

Similar to the Erdtree Greatshield + Fire’s Deadly Sin combo, this will probably also be dealt with by the FromSoftware team, but as of right now, it hasn’t been addressed. Players aware of this glitch can genuinely abuse the game, making PVP combat incredibly easy.

Carian Retaliation scales off of the character’s Int stat as well as the shield damage, so it can deal incredible amounts of damage for every spell it parries. This, combined with self-parry, means that it can be done by virtually any player, and it is absolutely ruining PVP for many fans of the game.

Unfortunately, this exploit may never leave the game, so it may be something players just have to deal with for some time until the community finds a combo that is even more powerful. However, given how hot a topic this is currently, there is a fair chance that the developers will answer the prayers of their fans and swiftly provide a hotfix.

For the time being, one Redditor recommends that every player carry the Silver Mirrorshield to help deal with this unfair exploit. The shield is incredibly resistant to magic and could be just what players need to protect themselves from this current Elden Ring glitch.

Thankfully, it is rather obvious when someone is going to do this. Players must look out for the floating daggers above their enemy’s head and take cover immediately. While players can avoid the attacks before they connect, it can be difficult to do so when the daggers are invisible.

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