How soon can Eagles clinch the NFC East?

The Philadelphia Eagles have been dominating the league this season, and they’re looking more and more likely to clinch the NFC East.

The Philadelphia Eagles were the only undefeated team in the NFL this season until the Washington Commanders broke the streak and defeated them in Week 10. They’ve yet to lose a game since, putting them at an incredible 10-1 record with just six weeks left of the regular season.

According to Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network, the Eagles could clinch a playoff berth in the upcoming Week 13 matchup.

They’re in an extremely competitive division, but if they clinch a playoff berth in Siciliano’s scenario in Week 13, they could clinch the division within just a few weeks after. In the final stretch of the season, the Eagles will face the Cowboys once and the New York Giants twice, both division competitors, so the gap is guaranteed to either get wider or smaller.

Depending on how the division matchups go, Philadelphia could realistically clinch the division by Week 15 or 16. The chances of that happening continue to seem strong, too.

The Eagles seem very likely to clinch the NFC East

Philadelphia began the season looking like one of the most likely contenders in the league. They’ve maintained that image all season, showing they’re consistent enough to have a huge chance of going far into the postseason.

The Cowboys, Philadelphia’s biggest concern in the division, are keeping a close trail behind Philadelphia, but considering the Eagles have only lost one game this season and seem to be unstoppable with Jalen Hurts, it seems most likely that Dallas won’t be able to pass them by the end of the season.

The Eagles beat the Cowboys 26-17 in Week 6, and they’ll be facing them again in Week 16. While Dallas has the potential to win that matchup, it doesn’t seem likely that Philadelphia will lose enough times for the Cowboys to be able to pass them.

Within the next few weeks, it seems highly likely that fans will get to see the Eagles win the NFC East.

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