How to bet on the Kentucky Oaks 2022

The Kentucky Derby is just about here, but first we’ve got the Kentucky Oaks. Here’s everything you might need to bet on the race. 

While the Kentucky Derby is often the prominent horse race happening in Louisville, Kentucky that people outside the sport pay attention to, it isn’t the only notable, worthwhile event happening there this weekend.

If for some reason you haven’t heard of the Kentucky Oaks, now is an absolutely great time to get familiar with the race.

The Kentucky Oaks generally doesn’t receive as much attention as the Kentucky Derby, but it is still something that is definitely worth watching and lead to folks having some fun. It’s held during the same weekend and it’s a great opportunity for even more enjoyment.

Kentucky Oaks 2022 field and odds

Here’s how the field looks right now:

  • Secret Oath: 6-1
  • Nostalgic: 15-1
  • Hidden Connection: 10-1
  • Nest: 5-2
  • Goddess of Fire: 15-1
  • Yuugiri: 30-1
  • Echo Zulu: 4-1
  • Venti Valentine: 20-1
  • Desert Dawn: 20-1
  • Kathleen O.: 7-2
  • Cocktail Moments: 30-1
  • Candy Raid: 30-1
  • Shahama: 15-1
  • Turnerloose: 20-1

What is a trifecta bet in horse racing?

As the name might imply, a trifecta bet happens when three horses are involved in a particular bet. With this type of bet, an individual chooses three horses. They will then select which horse will take first place, which one will end up in second, and then which horse will be third.

What is a superfecta bet in horse racing?

Similar to a trifecta bet, a superfecta bet involves picking a particular group of horses and then predicting which order they will finish in. Trifecta bets have three horses involved while superfecta bets involve four horses.

What is a Win-Place-Show bet in horse racing?

Like trifecta bets, Win-Place-Show bets also involve three horses. With these bets, an individual will select a particular horse to win the race. The individual will then pick a horse that they then expect to finish either first or second. To round it all out, the individual will then pick a horse to finish either first, second, or third.

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