How to check the server status for Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a battle royale-style game filled with minigames and obstacle courses that force players to think on their feet to come out on top.

The game recently went free-to-play, and server traffic has increased substantially as a result.


Due to the increase in server congestion, some Fall Guys players have encountered trouble connecting to the game. This was amended relatively quickly by the developers, but it doesn’t hurt to check on the game’s servers from time to time.

If players are having trouble connecting to Fall Guys, it may not be a problem with their hardware. Below, players can find a method to check the game’s server status.

Fall Guys doesn’t have a dedicated page to check the server status right now

A player character in Fall Guys (Image via Epic Games)
A player character in Fall Guys (Image via Epic Games)

On occasion, the team of developers at Mediatonic may need to bring the game servers down for maintenance, update implementation or miscellaneous fixes.

At other times, the servers may go offline due to substantial server traffic. This occurred recently when the game went free-to-play due to a huge influx of new players.

Whatever the reason, Fall Guys doesn’t currently have a dedicated page to check the server status. However, there’s a simple solution that involves players’ preferred web browser.

In lieu of a server status page, players will want to head to the game’s official Twitter page. There, Mediatonic and its development team keep track of the game with real-time updates.

If a server disruption is occurring, the popular title’s Twitter page will be one of the first to report it. However, there are also alternatives in the event that the Twitter page doesn’t catch the problem right away.


In addition to official sources, Down Detector is another excellent site that keeps track of various games and services. It collects real-time reports from players and users that are having issues with the game.

This is one of the most direct and up-to-date ways to keep a finger on the server’s metaphorical pulse. Combined with the official Twitter page, players should have plenty of resources at their disposal to check for server disruptions.

Fortunately, the server problems plaguing the game’s free-to-play launch appear to have been addressed. This doesn’t mean they can’t occur in the future, but the fact that servers have stabilized quickly is a good sign for the long-term success of the title. Hopefully, server problems will be few and far between.

Mediatonic has been consistent with alerting the player base when they need to take the servers down, as the game existed as a paid title for a while before going free-to-play.


With major server hangups fixed, players can enjoy the popular platforming title as it was meant to be played.

Hop into the obstacle courses with a few friends and enjoy a litany of hurdles on your way to a total victory in the title’s battle royale madness.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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