How to get free character, emote, and more from Time-Limited Diamond Store in Free Fire MAX

The Free Fire 5th anniversary celebrations have introduced various events into the game and its MAX version. One of the latest introductions is the Time-limited Diamond Store, which provides the community access to numerous free and cheap items.

The particular store will run until 9 September, and individuals must complete missions to earn the unique time-limited diamonds. The same diamonds can later be exchanged for various rewards, including a free character, pet, emote, and more.

Free Fire MAX guide: Get free character, emote, and other rewards from the Time-limited Diamond Store

There are a range of unique rewards (Image via Garena)
There are a range of unique rewards (Image via Garena)

Wave 1 of the Time-limited Diamond Store has commenced in Free Fire MAX, and players can now proceed to complete the available tasks. In the coming weeks, more missions will become available, and individuals will be able to collect up to 4,350 time-limited diamonds before the end of the event.

Upon collecting a sufficient amount of time-limited diamonds, users can proceed to exchange them for the following rewards:


  • Heartthrob (Male) Bundle: 490 time-limited diamonds + 9 diamonds


  • Gloo Wall – Binary Call: 390 time-limited diamonds + 9 diamonds
  • Groza – Great Plunder: 1199 time-limited diamonds
  • FAMAS – Metallic: 1199 time-limited diamonds
  • XM8 – Game Streamer: 499 time-limited diamonds


  • Homer’s Sightless Assassin Deluxe Bundle: 499 time-limited diamonds (contains the character, outfit, and 900x Universal Fragment)


  • Agent Hop: 490 time-limited diamonds + 9 diamonds
  • Spirit Fox: 499 time-limited diamonds
  • Detective Panda: 499 time-limited diamonds


  • Shattered Reality (emote): 590 time-limited diamonds + 9 diamonds
  • Switching Steps (emote): 199 time-limited diamonds
  • Maniac Sidekick (backpack): 199 time-limited diamonds
  • Hysterical Backpack: 99 time-limited diamonds
  • Maniacal Chainsaw: 299 time-limited diamonds
  • Hysterical Cakcle: 199 time-limited diamonds
  • Killer Mind: 99 time-limited diamonds
  • Maniac’s Jinx: 299 time-limited diamonds
  • Hysteric Maniac (banner): 299 time-limited diamonds
  • Psycho Maniac (avatar): 299 time-limited diamonds
  • The Maniacs Parachute: 199 time-limited diamonds


Users can go ahead and complete the missions (Image via Garena)
Users can go ahead and complete the missions (Image via Garena)

These are the missions that are currently available:

Codeword Missions (share your secret code and use the secret code of other users) – Refreshes each day

  • Your code is used two times: 30 time-limited diamonds
  • Use 1 code: 10 time-limited diamonds

Daily missions (complete the missions) – Refreshes each day

  • Play with friends one time: 15 time-limited diamonds
  • Deal 1000 damage: 20 time-limited diamonds
  • Three headshot kills: 40 time-limited diamonds

Activity Missions

  • Login 5 days: 30 time-limited diamonds
  • Play 10 games: 50 time-limited diamonds
  • Deal 5000 damage: 75 time-limited diamonds

Consequently, gamers can start doing missions to earn diamonds and claim different rewards in the Time-limited Diamond Store.

How to access the event and get free rewards

Users can follow these steps to access the event in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and tap on the icon of the Time-limited Diamond Store, as shown below:

Press on this icon to reach the event (Image via Garena)
Press on this icon to reach the event (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Gamers can select the required item they wish to purchase. Upon doing so, they can hit the ‘Purchase’ option.

Step 3: They can finally complete the procedure to get the particular reward.

Technically, most rewards are free as time-limited diamonds are provided for free during the event in Free fire MAX. In the meantime, items that require additional nine diamonds can be acquired by users if they are willing to spend the in-game currency.

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