How to get free Haven Warrior Slasher and Gloo Wall in Free Fire MAX this week

The second iteration of the FFWS Top-Up event is now available in Free Fire MAX. It was added a day following the conclusion of the previous event and offers two rewards to gamers if they purchase 300 diamonds before its conclusion.

Historically, top-up events have been regarded as among the finest ways for players to receive a range of free cosmetics. These items are considered free since users only need to purchase the appropriate number of diamonds to obtain them.

Here is a complete overview of the current event and the steps to acquire the items.

New Free Fire MAX Top-Up event offers Haven Guardian Gloo Wall and Haven Warrior Slasher

Requirements for the two events (Image via Garena)
Requirements for the two events (Image via Garena)

This Top Up event commenced on 19 May 2022 in Free Fire MAX, and players can have until 25 May 2022 to acquire the rewards. The requirements and corresponding rewards are as follows:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds to get Haven Warrior Slasher
  • Purchase 300 diamonds to get Gloo Wall – Haven Guardian

Players will have to purchase a pack worth INR 250 to get 310 diamonds and two items. This is essentially a great deal, given that a Gloo Wall is not always available in the store or from events.

Steps to acquire diamonds and get the rewards

Players can follow the steps given below to acquire the diamonds and get the rewards:

Step 1: Gamers may open their Free Fire MAX account on their device and subsequently click on the diamond icon at the top of the screen.

Prices of the top-up options (Image via Garena)
Prices of the top-up options (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Subsequently, several top-up options will be displayed on the screen. Players can purchase the desired diamond pack after taking into consideration the requirements for the top-up event.

Step 3: Once the payment is complete, the diamonds will be added to their account. Users can collect the Gloo Wall and Slasher from the event section.

Finally, players can equip the items through the armory section.

If gamers are looking for a Gloo Wall skin, they should not skip out on this event as it provides one if they purchase 300 diamonds. Additionally, if users are looking for an emote or any other particular reward, they can patiently wait for upcoming events.

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