How to possibly fix the “progress not tracking” error in Halo Infinite for Last Spartan Standing and Free-for-all

Halo Infinite’s season 2 was indeed highly anticipated by fans. Not only did 343 Industries bring in new game modes with the update, but new rewards and challenges for the battle pass progress were also added.

However, players seem to be facing specific issues with the in-game tracking system. They have reported that the challenges are not tracking correctly in the game after a match.

It gave me my Daily XP after I played another game, but didn’t give me my “Complete Last Spartan Standing Matches” challenge

The issue is primarily occurring with Last Spartan Standing and Free-for-all, where players face a noticeable error with challenge tracking after the match is up. Even after exiting the game, many have noticed that the in-game system is not recognizing progress towards the next battle pass tier.

Many feel that the problem is not that Halo Infinite has failed to record the progress but rather that the challenges do not get updated once the match is over.

Possible fix for the “progress not tracking error” in Halo Infinite

1) Last Spartan Standing

@ducain23 Just got some internal confirmation that “Earn cumulative score” and “Games played” LSS challenges don’t properly count if you leave before the match has truly ended. Others should show up but seem to sometimes require a 2nd game played or a restart to catch up.

The tracking error that Halo Infinite players are facing with Last Spartan Standing is an issue on the part of the internal game files. It currently takes some time for the progress to track.

In the Season 2 patch notes, the developers mentioned that “it may take several minutes for that match to end and your Challenge progress to update.” However, after several minutes, some players did not see the battle pass challenge and progress bar move even an inch.

There are two methods that the Halo Community Director proposes to fix the issue for these players:

  • The first will be to completely restart Halo Infinite or even go as far as resuming their entire system. This method seems to have had a higher chance of success.
  • The other method will be to play another match of Last Spartan Standing and see if the progress tracks cumulatively for both the matches.

It’s also important to note here that players who leave the match prematurely before the match ends, for them, the progress will not properly count.

2) Free-for-all

Another tracking issue that players face is the Free-for-all mode for Last Spartan Standing and Rumble Pit. This is an error on 343’s end, as these challenges are currently only tracking completed matches from Season 1’s free-for-all playlist, which the developers have presently made unavailable.

Apart from restarting the game, there is no other viable solution for this error. Halo Infinite players will have to wait for a patch or hotfix for it to be resolved.

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