“Human rights and the climate crisis are bigger than anything else”- Sebastian Vettel opens up about his political views in F1

Four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel has opened up about his political activism affecting his F1 career.

The German driver believes that the issues he has been advocating for, such as climate change and LGBTQ+ rights are “bigger than the interests of a sport.” He feels that not using the platform afforded to him as an F1 driver is “a wasted opportunity.” Speaking in a recent interview with the Guardian, Vettel said:

“There are topics that are just bigger than the interests of a sport. Formula One is, to me, about the passion for driving the car, about challenging yourself on the edge. But look at the bigger picture: this is also a big business where you’re looking to turn a lot of money around for certain people.”

He added:

“To me, that isn’t really important. It feels like a wasted opportunity if you’re not using the platform that we have.”

Sebastian Vettel, along with fellow multiple world champion Lewis Hamilton, has been one of the leading voices championing progressive causes in F1. This includes better opportunities within motorsports for women and other marginal communities. He has also been vocal about his support for Ukraine, following the Russian invasion earlier this year.

The Aston Martin driver’s activism, though well received by most, has also come under criticism from some sections of the F1 community. Many believe that, as someone competing in a sport powered by “gas-guzzling” internal combustion engines, Vettel has no right to advocate for climate issues.

Nevertheless, Vettel has remained unbothered by the criticism, and feels that it is better to take a stand rather than do something that is “popular”. He said:

“Now, information travels so fast and changes so quickly, sometimes it’s better to say things that are popular rather than truthful.”

He added:

“A slogan is more popular than the truth. The truth is harder to explain and less easy to understand. Look at ‘Get Brexit Done.’ It resonates with everyone, and people see it as a good idea.”

Sebastian Vettel’s “perspective changed” following the birth of his children

Sebastian Vettel says his perspective on life and racing changed after the birth of his children. He said that he feels an obligation to help them lead a happier life using his own experiences. Speaking to the Guardian, he said:

“It does change you, but I believe for the better. My kids have helped me to understand that there is so much more, how to experience love in another dimension.”

Vettel added:

“It is the most important thing, to look after them and to make them a better version of yourself. I’m in a very privileged position. My job never felt like work – that’s not normal. So, I want to use what life experience I have to help make my kids happy in their lives.”

Sebastian Vettel’s current contract with Aston Martin is set to expire at the end of the current season. Having been in the sport for nearly 15 years, rumours suggest that the 34-year-old may be hanging up his helmet and heading into retirement soon.

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