“Hurt from carrying the team on his back” “It just gets worse…” – Los Angeles Angels fans feel helpless as struggling team takes another blow, talented infielder Luis Rengifo removed from game due to injury

The Los Angeles Angels face yet another setback due to injury, this time due to Luis Rengifo. Rengifo has been a great surprise for the Angels this season and is shaping up to be a potentially great player for them. He left today’s game against the Seattle Mariners early with a back injury. This was very discouraging to the Angels fanbase, who hoped they had found another young star.

Luis Rengifo is in his fourth season in the MLB and is having by far the best season of his career. With nine home runs and a .273 batting average, Luis Rengifo has become a consistent offensive threat. Hopefully this injury will be a short-term issue that he can bounce back from quickly.

The Los Angeles Angels reported the injury via Twitter.

Luis Rengifo was removed from today’s game with low back tightness.

This was just about the worst news that the Angels fanbase could have heard.

The Los Angeles Angels team is no stranger to disappointing injuries. Mike Trout is currently out of action and Anthony Rendon has missed most of the season with a wrist injury.

This season has gone from bad to worse. Watching the young up-and-comers was one of the few joys Angels fans still had watching their team.

Since Mike Trout’s injury, Luis Rengifo has stepped up in a big way, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

With the Angels likely to be out of playoff contention this season, they are running out of ways to impress their fans.

This will, however, provide an opportunity for other young players to step up and prove themselves. That is, if there are any players on the Angels capable of stepping up.

great. it’s from carrying this damn team for the last 3 weeks now it’s down to fletch and ohtani.SOMEONE ELSE STEP TF UP…

Some Los Angeles Angels fans believe their team is cursed. After so many consistent losses, it is hard to blame them.

Injuries have to be the worst part of professional sports.

anytime someone starts playing well they get hurt on this team smh…

The Angels would go on to lose this game to the Seattle Mariners, putting them even further back in the playoff race.

At this point, the Angels simply need to regroup and prepare for the 2023 season.

The once high hopes for the 2022 Los Angeles Angels have come crashing down with the injury to Luis Rengifo

Angels v Seattle Mariners
Angels v Seattle Mariners

At one point, it was thought the Angels were capable of collecting the American League West crown. The Houston Astros put a rather definitive stop to that. Once a wildcard spot became the best option, the Angels began a seemingly never-ending slump.

With Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout still under contract for the 2023 season, their focus should be on retooling the roster. With the right adjustments, they could be contenders, but not this year.

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