“I agree there needs to be real punishment” – NBA analyst illustrates the confrontation between Draymond Green and his teammate, compares the incident with Kerr and Jordan’s altercation

The incident between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole has become the No. 1 topic in the NBA. Many analysts, including Nick Wright, shared their two cents as to who’s at fault.

Two days ago, it was reported that the Golden State Warriors had a physical incident between two players. Later on, a video of the team’s practice captured Green throwing a punch at the young guard, Jordan Poole. The two had to be separated.

Due to this serious matter, NBA analysts have started to weigh in. Analyst Nick Wright explained what happened and the outcome of the event on his show:

“Draymond is the instigator in every step of the way,” Wright said. “Jordan Poole at one point tries to push him away from him. And then Draymond powerboosts into the punch. I agree there needs to be real punishment. I think this is the type of thing that it is dificult for a relationship to come back from.”

“Draymond Green, where you at? Where is the new media accountability?”— @getnickwright reacts to video of Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole:

Wright compared it to the well-known story of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan punching Steve Kerr during practice.

“Kerr and Jordan’s statures on that team, very very, well-established. Now, Draymond is a leader in the Warriors. Poole is not.”

The NBA and the Warriors organization is still investigating the issue.

With the chemistry at stake, could the Warriors win another NBA title with Green?

Golden State Warriors Media Day
Golden State Warriors Media Day

Draymond Green is a valued member of the Warriors. His incredible knowledge of the game has helped the team win four titles since 2015. As one of the NBA’s premier point-forwards, Green’s value in the league is regarded as one of the highest. Not only that, he’s also provided great coaching from the bench at times when Steve Kerr allowed his players to draw up plays. That’s how talented he is.

However, the recent incident with Poole has clearly damaged his reputation as a team player. This could bring down the morale of other players who had nothing to do with the events that occurred. That’s especially so now that reporters want to get more scoops about the altercation from the other players.

So, can the team still be successful despite what has happened? The answer is, yes. But unlike their earlier championship wins, this could be more difficult. Green has to learn to maintain his composure and regain Poole’s trust. That is, if Poole doesn’t demand a trade from the team after this scuffle.

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