“I don’t understand what the Yankees see in hicks” “i have 0 hope for this bum” – New York Yankees fans are furious over Aaron Hicks’ struggles this season

The New York Yankees have established themselves as one of the best teams in Major League Baseball this season. However, no team is perfect, and every team has players who struggle throughout the season. Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks is definitely one of these guys who just cannot seem to figure it out at the plate.

Aaron Hicks is 0 for his last 33…What are we doing

Aaron Hicks has zero hits in his past 33 at-bats. He is still starting games in the outfield alongside Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Hicks is quickly becoming a liability in the New York Yankees lineup.

This is not just a small slump, however, as his numbers have been atrocious this season for New York. Through 95 games played, Hicks has batted just .218 with a .654 OPS. Despite playing in almost every game this season, his WAR is just a 0.7 as well. If the Yankees want to be successful this postseason, these numbers cannot be in their starting lineup.

@short_porch Tonight’s Yankees lineup had 3 automatic outs in Hicks, Locastro and Higgy. No wonder they got shut out.

Along with the recently traded Joey Gallo, Aaron Hicks has been hated by the fans this season. His inability to produce this year has Yankees fans very angry.

@short_porch I don’t understand what the Yankees see in hicks. They are throwing away the season

@short_porch I get baseball is hard but Hicks is actually a supremely talented athlete, 0 for 33 tells me he isn’t trying hard enough or is playing with some sort of terrible injury/sickness. Bunt or leg an infield hit out. My god

The Yanks traded for Harrison Bader from the St. Louis Cardinals to replace Hicks out in the outfield. However, it appears he will not be able to be on the field for quite some time.

@short_porch that’s why they traded for Bader…solid bat, better than just a defender

@short_porch He is awful. Amazing how many supposed Yankees fans raised hell when they traded Montgomery for a CF. That will be a huge upgrade when healthy.

Many question why the Yankees even keep him around anymore. Although he was once a very solid player for New York, he has declined a lot these past few seasons.

@JimmyC1113 @short_porch Been saying it for years now. Never seen a professional player that is so consistently terrible and still gets worse when you think it can’t. He’s gonna have his # retired and straight to monument park. That’s how he gets treated, so not a doubt that’s where they want him.😂

Aaron Hicks used to be one of the Yankees best up-and-coming players. Now, however, he is a shell of his former self and no longer belongs in New York anymore.

The downfall of Aaron Hicks on the New York Yankees

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins
New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins

Before coming to New York, Aaron Hicks was a young role player on the Minnesota Twins. During the 2015 off-season, Hicks was traded to New York in exchange for catcher John Ryan Murphy.

Although he had a slow start in New York, Hicks eventually blossomed into a reliable player in the Yankees outfield. His best season came in 2018, where, in 137 games, he hit .248 with 27 home runs. He also recieved American League MVP votes that season.

His 2019 season was riddled with injury, as he played just 59 games with the Yanks. Since the 2020 season was shortened for COVID, he played just 54 games. Although his 2020 numbers were not as good as in years past, they were still serviceable.

However, since 2021, Aaron Hicks has not looked like an MLB player. He has hit just .212 over the course of the past two seasons and is not nearly the same player he once was. Despite being one of the longest tenured Yankees on the squad, his time is now up.

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