“I love putting trolls in their places” – Paddy Pimblett details how he fights off social media bullies

During his media obligations leading into his fight this weekend, Paddy Pimblett opened up on the harassment he faces and how he deals with the constant stream of social media trolls.

‘The Baddy’ has always been an alluring figure who speaks his mind, no matter the situation. Whether you love him or hate him, it’s hard to argue against just how big the Brit has become since making the jump over to the UFC.

When asked how he ‘maintains his energy’ while dealing with large amounts of internet trolls, Paddy Pimblett said:

“I love putting trolls in their places, lad. I can’t help it, it’s just one of them things. I haven’t been on it [social media] for a few hours today, but it’s just mad lad. It’s just crazy the amount of abuse I get on Twitter. Instagram used to be bad, but I’ll be honest, Instagram’s boiled down a bit now, Instagram is not bad at all. But I get abuse on Twitter, it does my head in, lad. But, I call people out on it, you know what I mean? People say, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t even give them your time.'”

Despite being a target for social media bullies, Pimblett explained why he still uses the app, insisting he uses Twitter as a pastime, rather than for enjoyment.

Check out what the Liverpudlian had to say about people on the internet in the video below:


What’s next if Paddy Pimblett wins at UFC London on July 23?

Paddy Pimblett is arguably coming up against his toughest test in the UFC when he faces off against Jordan Leavitt this weekend, but what’s next for the Brit if he gets his hand raised?

‘The Monkey King’ has an impressive 10-1 record and hopes to continue his win-streak with a victory over the 27-year-old on July 23. If the Liverpool-native manages to bypass the threat of his opponent, we could see him earn the chance to fight his way into the top 15 in the lightweight division.

A new bumper contract may be in line for Paddy Pimblett, but with that comes an array of difficult matchups waiting for him. In what is considered by many to be the best weightclass in the sport, ‘The Baddy’ may find himself facing killers before too long.

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