“I want to stay around the game for sure, forever” – LeBron James reveals how Tom Brady has influenced him to consider career in media following NBA retirement

LeBron James and Tom Brady have been prime examples of sustained excellence over a long career in their respective sports. While Brady plays NFL football, a more physical and violent sport than the NBA, James’s success in long NBA regular and postseasons is comparably impressive. The longevity of both players over two-plus decades is the gold standard when it comes to players that continue their peak performance well into their late 30s and early 40s.

With that being said, many players seek out a second career in media after their playing days are over. From Charles Barkley to Tony Romo, these great players remain a part of the game when they take their talents to on-air analyses. Even Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has parlayed his success on the court to a ready-made gig with TNT while he isn’t even done playing in the NBA yet.

LeBron James also foresees a time when he hangs up the basketball shoes to transition into a TV analyst like Tom Brady has also expressed in doing after he hangs up his football cleats. Only time will tell whether he’s be paid as much as Brady.

#TV LeBron James is media-curious after seeing Tom Brady’s deal with Fox

On a recent episode of The Shop, Maverick Carter asked James if he is interested in TV work after his NBA playing career is over:

“Yeah, when I seen how much [Brady] signed for, you’re damn right I did. I’d do it for sure…I mean one, my knowledge of the sport and being able to have my insight on the sport and still be around the game. I want to stay around the game for sure, forever.”


The changing landscape in the NBA and NFL is allowing players like LeBron James and Tom Brady to potentially cash in TV analyst deals after they retire

LeBron James sees the success of Romo, the Manning brothers (Peyton and Eli Manning have their wildly successful ManningCast alternate Monday Night Football show), and Tom Brady signing huge deals to be the face of their respective TV sports network personalities.


Their success on the court and on the field, as well as their charming personalities, translates into a no-brain deal with TV networks to lock up talent to draw in viewers. The advent of Amazon joining the sports broadcasting landscape is a big game changer, and resources are plentiful for former star players looking for a second career in broadcasting.

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