“I was like looking in the eyes of a skeleton” – When Bret Hart confronted Vince McMahon at a WWE star’s funeral

In November 1997, Bret Hart departed from WWE on bad terms after the infamous Montreal Screwjob incident. Nearly two years later, he and Vince McMahon met for the first time since the incident when the former WWE Chairman attended Owen Hart’s funeral.

In an interview with Off The Record in 1999, McMahon disclosed what went on between him and The Hitman in that meeting.

“Bret carried the entire conversation. I really thought he wanted to talk about Owen. He mentioned Owen in one sentence and the rest of it was about Bret. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was all about Bret. [The kind of things that he said?] I ruined his marriage, I had ruined his career, he wanted to go back to that incident at Survivor Series,” McMahon said.

McMahon continued:

“All he [Bret Hart] wanted to talk about was himself. Nothing to do with his brother. I was like looking in the eyes of a skeleton in some respect. It seemed like that he wasn’t human. It was a very weird experience.” [From 5:47 to 6:32]

Vince McMahon and Bret Hart’s relationship remained troubled for many years after the Montreal Screwjob incident. However, The Hitman entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.

Three years later, he re-signed with the Stamford-based company. He has since made several sporadic appearances on WWE television. His most recent appearance came last September at Clash at the Castle when he appeared at ringside.


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Bret Hart enjoyed punching former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

After the Montreal Screwjob incident went down inside the ring during the 1997 Survivor Series, Bret Hart confronted Vince McMahon backstage. Their confrontation, however, ended in The Hitman punching The former Chairman in the face.

In a recent interview with The Ringer, the Hall of Famer reflected on the moment, stating that punching McMahon was probably “the greatest thing he ever did.”

“I said, ‘I’m not in a friendly mood and this is not going to go well and you need to go right now.’ And he stayed. And I always think whatever happened that day defined me as a person. And it was probably the greatest thing I ever did, in the sense that I stood up for myself like no other wrestler ever stood up for themselves,” he said. [H/T: WrestlingInc]

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