“I’m emotional af, wow” – LeBron James in awe as Bronny James and Bryce James share the court together

LeBron James has always been invested in his sons’ basketball careers. Although most fathers do not get the opportunity, James is watching both his sons share the court in a competitive matchup.

Bronny and Bryce are currently touring Europe with the California Basketball Club. Their first stop was London, where CBC squared off against Hoopsfix Elite.

Bryce and Bronny James share a court for the first time as teammates in a competitive setting 🔥 @KingJames 📹 @espnu

Although Bryce did not start the game, he checked in while Bronny was taking a free throw, with cheers echoing in the Copper Box Arena. It was the first time both James boys teamed up in a competitive game, sparking an emotional reaction from LBJ.

The LA Lakers captain took to Twitter to share his excitement:

“Man I’m literally watching Bronny and Bryce on the court together for the first time in a game situation!! This is INSANE!! I’m EMOTIONAL AF!! WOW”

Man I’m literally watching Bronny and Bryce on the court together for the first time in a game situation!! This is INSANE!! I’m EMOTIONAL AF!! WOW

James and his sons have been seen training together on several occasions. Last week, the three were spotted training at the UCLA Health Training Center, the training facility for the LA Lakers.

LeBron, Bryce and Bronny all playing above the rim at the Lakers facility 👀 (via: @KingJames IG)

While this is the first sighting of them playing together, there are many more to come. The Axe Euro Tour has two more games lined up. Their next outing will be in Paris on Aug. 15, while the tour will end in Rome on Aug. 18.

Bryce’s growth spurt and basketball potential have intrigued fans recently, with many taking a liking to the 15-year-old. Some believe he is the heir to the throne, also likening him to James Worthy mainly because of the glasses.

LeBron James will only play with Bronny in the NBA

LeBron James of the LA Lakers
LeBron James of the LA Lakers

LeBron James has expressed his interest in playing with Bronny in the NBA. It is also safe to assume that if there was a way for LBJ to play with Bryce, he would try to pull it off.

However, the four-time NBA champ might have to make do with playing with only Bronny. That in itself would be an amazing accomplishment.

LeBron, Bronny, and Bryce 12 years ago vs today

If it happens, they would be the first father-son duo to play in the league at the same time. Although several active players continued their father’s legacy, none shared the court at the same time.

Bryce will be eligible for the NBA draft in 2026 at the earliest, and LeBron will be 42 by then. Although the Lakers captain has held back Father Time for this long, it is difficult to imagine him hooping at 42.

Meanwhile, LBJ is looking forward to playing with Bronny, who will be eligible by 2024. Although LeBron will be approaching the tail end of his career, it would be amazing to see the father-son combo in an NBA game.

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