“I’m going to release my own single”: Valkyrae announces her entry into the music industry after a year of cameos

In an interesting turn of events, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has expressed a desire to release her own music in 2022.

2021 ended on an extravagant note for the 29-year-old. She was inducted as a co-owner of 100 Thieves, one of the biggest American esports organizations. Furthermore, the American YouTuber collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly, Corpse Husband and was featured in the music video for their hit song DAYWALKER. She also appeared in Bella Poarch’s Build a B**ch.

Happy 10 mill for DAYWALKER mv🖤More random pics.. yes mgk tall rae smol lol

It’s safe to surmise that the aforementioned cameos have no doubt inspired her to release her own music.

Valkyrae reveals she has already begun writing songs

The American streamer has been spending a lot of time with OfflineTV members. She celebrated New Year’s with Disguised Toast at an OfflineTV party and recounted a terrifying Uber ride she took from LilyPichu’s place.

In her first stream of the year, Valkyrae revealed her plans to release her own single this year and stated she is already in the process of songwriting.

“This year, I’m going to release my own single. That’s pretty much the first thing I’ve started for the year.”

Furthermore, Valkyrae elaborated on how she has already spoken to OfflineTV producer Brodin Plett and popular Twitch streamer Natsumiii about producing an original song over the release of a cover.

Natsumiii has stated on numerous occasions how she tried convincing Valkyrae to join her in the recording studio. From the looks of it, pestering the American YouTuber has finally paid off.

Interestingly, Valkyrae has always remained tight-lipped about her ability to sing. While the community hasn’t heard her sing at length, she always harmonizes well in her stewith Natsumiii.

Valkyrae concluded:

“They were both super down. So we’re starting to work on that. It’ll be for funsies to begin with, I don’t want to make it into anything too serious.”

Valkyrae has been spending a lot of time with members of OfflineTV. She recently opened up about how she was de-stressing after the recent RFLCT controversy.

However, things got a little heated when rumors started to surface about her potential move to the organization, which she quashed during her December 24 stream.

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