“I’m in immense pain” “What an embarrassing game in every aspect” – Atlanta Braves fans react to devastating blowout loss to Troutless Los Angeles Angels

The Atlanta Braves just lost in horrific fashion to the Los Angeles Angels earlier today. The Braves lost 9-1 and were out of the game early.

This game was especially crucial considering that the Braves were just half a game behind the New York Mets for first place in the National League East. If Atlanta were to win this game and the Mets lose tonight, the Braves would have been in first place.

The game today was done from the start. In the top of the first, the Angels exploded for five runs, including a homer by Taylor Ward. Los Angeles then opened the game up completely by scoring three in the third. Atlanta put up one in the seventh, but this was not nearly enough.

Pitcher Ian Anderson gave up five runs in the first. He had seven earned runs in total in his start, which lasted just three innings. This rose Anderson’s ERA to a 5.31 on the season. Many fans were calling for the Atlanta Braves to do something with Anderson, as he has been vastly underperforming this season.

@Braves Send Ian down to AAA until the postseason.


The Braves’ offense looked dead this game. They put up just one run, having only six hits overall. The Angels’ pitching staff appeared to be in the driver’s seat for this entire game.

@Braves trade for ohtani or i become an astros fan

This game in its entirety was a sad effort from the Atlanta Braves. Fans of the team were furious, especially with the position the team is in.

@Braves What an embarrassing game in every aspect. Bad hitting, terrible pitching, bad fielding. I said DFA Anderson a while ago and everyone said I was crazy, but he’s hurt this team more than he’s helped us. I can’t stand watching him anymore

@Braves My disappointment is immeasurable…. send everyone back down to the minors…. Ive decided that im going to become a fan of the Marlins, a better team.

Every game is a must-win if the Braves want to take over the NL East. They have a serious shot at becoming the leaders very soon.

The Atlanta Braves slow rise to the top

Ronald Acuna Jr. v Miami Marlins
Ronald Acuna Jr. v Miami Marlins

At the beginning of the season, the Braves were somewhat dissapointing, considering that they won the 2021 World Series. The New York Mets gained an early lead in the NL East and appeared to run away with the division.

However, Atlanta has looked completely different since Braves’ superstar Ronald Acuna Jr. returned to the squad. Even suffering injuries, they have clawed back at the deficit in their division. They are now among some of the best teams in Major League Baseball.

@Braves Damn… now we gotta hope the Mets lose

The Atlanta Braves currently sit just one game behind the Mets and could easily pass them in the coming days. The Braves are set to play the Philadelphia Phillies tomorrow night, where they look to possibly overtake the NL East.

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