In the NBA, who just got overpaid? And who got underpaid?

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One of the best things about NBA Free Agency is witnessing the many athletes who have spent years toiling on blacktop courts in ignored corners get paid. Nothing wrong with hard-working people getting money legally. Isn’t that the American Dream? Playing armchair quarterback in group chats, comment threads, and message boards about “spoiled, entitled athletes” raking in millions for bouncing a ball is easy. But these same Jabronis continue to watch the league while discussing it non-stop.

With this in mind, July 1 is the ultimate meltdown day for these contract Karens. With streaming deals inflating the cap, teams are spending record highs to retain and steal talent. Yet, even though the market is dictating players’ worths at all-time highs, there’s still enough data to discern a value deal from a gross overpay.

Let’s break down the first day of free agency and parse out the good, bad, and ugly.

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