Is Tiger Woods playing in the 2022 U.S. Open?

Tiger Woods played in the first two majors, but he made the wisest decision for himself when it came to the U.S. Open.

After some ups and downs in the first two majors of the year, 15-time major winner Tiger Woods announced on Twitter that he would skip the U.S. Open.

While he said the four majors would be what he focused on, his struggles at the PGA Championship were evident. He was downright hard to watch at times, so skipping the U.S. Open to get healthier is the best decision for Woods.

The Big Cat is one of the most competitive golfers in the sport’s history, but we all should know that healing from a horrific crash takes time.

His tweet came at the perfect time to distract many golf fans from the LIV Golf news circling the interwebs. Woods knows how to move the needle and when to announce things, so well done, Big Cat.

We all want to watch Woods compete at the U.S. Open, but I’d rather see him be even more competitive at the Open Championship in Ireland next month.

That golf course is probably the most accessible walk among the four majors, which hopefully will help him stay competitive all four rounds instead of one or two.

Any time he tees it up is a blessing, but seeing competitive golf is what we should want even more. There is no reason for him to struggle out there if Woods can take the time to understand his new body more and heal.

Seeing golf fans complain about his form during the PGA Championship proves how much higher people’s standards for him are. Plus, it was gross when they didn’t think about how much he has been through the last two years.

So instead of seeing him barely get through golf rounds or withdrawing, Woods is taking the time to heal and show he can still compete at a high level. The Open will be an excellent chance for him to do that.

Take the time you need, Tiger, because we want to enjoy you as long as possible, and we’ll be excited to see you compete at the Open.

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