“It was insensitive, it was cruel, it was freaking horrible” – WWE veteran regrets idea to make Vince McMahon laugh

Vince Russo has explained how Vince McMahon’s mocking of Jim Ross led to the creation of the Oklahoma character in WCW.

Oklahoma native Ross suffers from Bell’s Palsy, a condition that sometimes leads to temporary facial paralysis. In 1999, former WCW writer Ed Ferrara made fun of Ross’ condition while mimicking the legendary commentator on television.

Russo, who also wrote for WCW at the time, once saw McMahon impersonate Ross in a WWE production meeting. Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, he revealed that he created the Oklahoma gimmick simply to entertain McMahon. However, more than two decades on, he regrets the idea.

“I’ve had the conversation with JR a million times,” Russo said. “JR has forgiven me multiple, multiple times. That was on me. Yes, bro, he did do it in WWE, it did entertain Vince. That was no reason for us to do it. It was insensitive, it was cruel, it was freaking horrible, and without a question my biggest, biggest regret in my profession.” [22:49-23:27]


Before joining WCW in October 1999, Ferrara and Russo wrote for WWE when RAW regularly drew its highest-ever television ratings. They were forced to nix the offensive Oklahoma character in WCW due to Turner Standards and Practices.

Vince Russo admits attempt to humor Vince McMahon was “stupid”

Throughout the years, Vince McMahon has made fun of Jim Ross many times on television. The 76-year-old once changed the announcer’s WWE brand live on air without letting him know beforehand. He has also booked the Hall of Famer in several embarrassing segments.

Having witnessed McMahon’s treatment of Ross up close, Vince Russo reiterated that he foolishly wanted to amuse the WWE Chairman.

“As naive and as stupid as we were, part of the reason we were doing it at WCW was to pop Vince because we knew Vince was a big fan of that.” Russo continued, “That’s how it started, like, ‘We’re gonna do it on TV and we’re gonna pop Vince,’ which was totally asinine and ignorant and stupid.” [22:07-22:29]

Russo called Ross several years ago to apologize for his distasteful booking idea. Ferrara also later made amends with the commentator.

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