“It’s gonna get real ugly one of these days” “This s**t has to stop” – New York Mets fans demand retaliation from team after 50th hit by pitch of the 2022 season

The New York Mets are the top team in the National League, but they have one glaring issue that doesn’t seem to go away. The Mets get hit by more pitches than any other team in the MLB, and their fans’ frustrations are beginning to boil over.

SNY Network posted a video of their most recent hit-by-pitch on Twitter, and you can see that the players are beginning to get just as frustrated as their fans.

It is possible that this is simply a streak of bad luck and that the Miami Marlins did not intend to hit the player with a pitch, like many other teams did. However, fans are no longer believing the excuses and are looking for change.

This fan has a pretty clear cut idea on what could end this cycle.

@SNYtv This shit has to stop. If I’m one of these players I’m charging mound and Goldberg spearing someone. Force mlb to get off their asses.

New York Mets fans share their ideas on how to change team’s current hit-by-pitch situation

Mets fans think things need to change
Mets fans think things need to change

The New York Mets have the second-best record in the MLB, behind only the New York Yankees. However, after being hit by their 50th pitch of the season, fans are fed up.

This fan has a pretty simplistic answer towards ending the trend, and it was a very popular response.

This fan also predicts the tension boiling over very soon.

@SNYtv Its gonna get real ugly one of these days

This user is at the end of their rope, with the Mets’ batters constantly being hit by pitches.

@SNYtv This is pure stupidity now

This fan can totally understand the frustrations and has called on the MLB itself to step in and do something.

@SNYtv Geez, I feel him as we’re all frustrated! @MLB do something already. #MLB

A long-time fan of the New York Mets, who has clearly seen a lot, is also looking for something to change.

This fan has a radical idea of how to get things to stop, and as someone familiar with the NHL, it might prove to be effective.

@SNYtv Someone has to charge the mound and throw a couple punches. You want it to stop. That’s how you do it.

Players getting hit by a pitch can often lead to explosive bench clearing brawls, and that is exactly what the New York Mets are moving towards if nothing changes.

As long as the batters keep getting hit by pitches, tensions will continue to rise, and a tipping point seems inevitable.

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