“It’s win or bust this year” “Depends how desperate teams are for starting pitching” – Houston Astros fans react to report that the team could be aggressive at the trade deadline

Despite being one of the top teams in the MLB, the Houston Astros will reportedly be very agreesive ahead of the August second trade deadline. Refusing to be complacent and always looking for ways to improve is the mark of a great team. The Houston Astros currently have the third-best record in baseball, behind only the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees.

Ken Rosenthal’s report specifies that the Astros are hoping to use their abundance of starting pitchers to acquire catchers and outfielders. Fox Sports posted a clip of the report to Twitter:

The Astros are being “fairly aggressive” with the trade deadline approaching, according to @Ken_Rosenthal.Josh Bell & a catcher/center fielder are currently on their radar:

The news is exciting to many Astros fans, who feel the goal for the team should be nothing short of a World Series championship. Despite getting close multiple times, the Astros haven’t won a title since 2017, and they are ready for the drought to come to an end.

Jim Crane not a fan of rentals but we fucking need a rental it’s win or bust this year I’m sick of losing right at the end…

There are a few teams I can think of that could match up well for an Astros trade like this, but most of them would also be looking to add for a playoff run themselves.. Depends how desperate teams are for starting pitching.. Garcia, Javier or Urquidy.…

There are many teams that would go to great lengths to have the starting pitchers that the Astros have. This gives them plenty of leverage to get a deal done before the trade deadline with teams desperate for pitchers.

Too deep in starting pitching is wild to me lol what a great problem to have.…

Glad we’re being aggressive. But acquiring a center fielder under club control (Mullins, Reynolds) will take a haul I doubt the Astros are willing to pay. Josh Bell feels like the main move we’ll make.…

New York Yankees fans are trying to push one of their outfielders to the Houston Astros, despite protest from Astros fans.

The Houston Astros are going all-in on a championship in 2022, and are looking to use the trade deadline to improve.

Can the Houston Astros win it all in 2022?

Astros v Oakland Athletics
Astros v Oakland Athletics

This MLB season has been far from predicitable, but the Astros have remained a model for consistent greatness. Every year, the Astros are able to replenish their roster with great young players and keep themselves in championship contention. An example from this year would be substituting Carlos Correa with Jeremy Pena, who is now a rookie of the year candidate.

Given their consistent success, it is difficult to pick any team in the American League over them. While the Yankees have a slightly better record, the Astros dominated seven head-to-head matchups with five wins and only two losses.

The fact that they are as good as they have been and are still looking for ways to upgrade their lineup is a great sign. If they can improve their offensive depth without giving up too much pitching talent, they will become even more dangerous.

Astros fans are hopeful that the team can make smart moves to bolster their lineup for the back half of the season and push for another championship.

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