Ja Morant appears to threaten troll on Twitter after Grizzlies lose Game 6

Did Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant threaten a Twitter troll after Game 6? Unfortunately for Morant, screenshots last forever.

Morant missed the last few games of the Grizzlies series against the Golden State Warriors, thus marking an unfortunate end to his season. Still, Ja is one of the young faces of the NBA, and his future is very much tied to the league’s success.

Yet, NBA Twitter is NBA Twitter. As great as Morant is, there will always be some fans trying to bring him down a notch. Despite his injury, the Murray State product stayed active on social media, cheering on his team from the Twitterverse and the sidelines.

In response to one troll’s commentary regarding his back and forth with Warriors guard Jonathan Kuminga, Morant appeared to threaten the fan.

“It’s free to see how hollows feel,” Morant wrote.

The tweet was saved via screenshot and backed up in a popular reddit post.

Hollows is likely a reference to bullets, and Morant is sure to hear from someone in the organization or league office about this. Interacting with fans is one thing — heck, responding negatively is allowed in today’s game — but what Ja did can be considered a thinly-veiled threat.

Grizzlies: Did Ja Morant threaten a fan?

Surely, Morant was just caught up in the moment and does not plan on actually following up on his tweet.

Smack talk is exactly that, and shouldn’t be taken as anything greater. However, there is a line, and many would consider Morant’s comment crossing said line.

Morant did delete his tweet, meaning someone in his inner circle (or perhaps Morant himself) realized said comment was uncalled for in the moment.

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