Jake Paul not to blame for looking for easier fights, insists Michael Bisping – “It’s very, very dangerous, it’s not for everybody”

Michael Bisping has suggested that YouTube megastar-turned-boxer Jake Paul shouldn’t be blamed for pursuing easier fights. Taking to his YouTube channel, Bisping addressed the recent trend of YouTubers and others from non-combat sports backgrounds participating in professional combat sports, particularly boxing.

The former UFC middleweight champion asserted that fighting isn’t for everyone. ‘The Count’ referenced the recent incident involving South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi in his WBF All Africa lightweight title fight.

While Buthelezi was winning the fight, he started shadowboxing in the opposite direction after knocking his opponent down. The referee stopped the fight, and Buthelezi was subsequently placed into an induced coma. He passed away due to a brain bleed a few days later.

Bisping paid his respects to Buthelezi and highlighted the risks of fighting. Emphasizing that people like Jake Paul aren’t to blame for choosing easier fights and protecting themselves, Bisping stated:

“We’ve got YouTubers, for crying out loud – Yes, Jake Paul. Of course, Jake Paul, he’s boxing people these days. But he’s being smart… He’s not looking for tough fights, is he? And I don’t blame the guy because as I say, it’s very, very dangerous. It’s not for everybody. You have to be cut from a certain type of cloth.”

Bisping and Paul had previously hinted at facing one another in a boxing match, but that never materialized. ‘The Count’ explained that many, including young cruiserweight pugilist Paul, are now jumping on the combat sports bandwagon. Bisping lauded Paul for being a decent athlete and boxer. However, he noted that fighting isn’t for people simply looking for “clout,” as they could get seriously hurt.

The UFC Hall of Famer clarified that his video wasn’t exactly about Paul but about YouTubers and other such people wanting to fight. Bisping encouraged them to train as martial artists but cautioned them against the dangers of combat sports competition.

Watch Bisping defend Paul at the 2:38-minute mark in the video below:


Jake Paul announces boxing event at Madison Square Garden featuring himself and Amanda Serrano

Jake Paul’s next boxing match was expected to transpire on August 13. Nevertheless, Paul recently took to Instagram to announce that he and Amanda Serrano will compete in a pair of main event boxing matchups at Madison Square Garden on August 6. Neither Paul’s nor Serrano’s respective opponents have been revealed. Regardless, Paul noted:

“We going back to back. New York. MSG. Two main events. Showtime PPV. It gets no bigger, it gets no betr. @mostvaluablepromotions”

Intriguingly, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn recently claimed that Paul would box longtime rival Tommy Fury in August. However, this matchup hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

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