Jeff Passan broke Astros news on Instagram and fans are furious

MLB insider Jeff Passan stepped outside the Twitter algorithm to make a big announcement involving the Houston Astros and Rafael Montero, upsetting fans.

Sports journalists are doing their best to navigate the downfall of Twitter, an information-sharing platform that has empowered journalists, activists and thought leaders for more than a decade.

During the platform’s public demise, many journalists have reminded followers that they can be found on other websites and social media platforms. For an MLB insider that frequently breaks news, it’s been a challenge for Jeff Passan, who has apparently taken to Instagram to share the latest news on the future of Rafael Montero.

“I think it’s time to start breaking some news on Instagram, too. So follow me here for the latest free agent signings and trades,” Passan wrote on his Instagram post.

Then, Passan reveals that the Houston Astros and Rafael Montero are “in agreement on a three-year, $34.5 million contract,” according to ESPN sources.

As annoying as it may have been for Twitter users to feel baited into following Passan on Instagram, there’s good reasoning for it, at least from Passan’s perspective. If Twitter falls apart in the imminent future, at least everyone will know where to stay tuned for the latest MLB news.

MLB Twitter flames Jeff Passan for trying to bring followers to his Instagram

MLB Twitter took joy in picking on Passan for trying to make the switch to Instagram while Twitter is still available.

MLB journalists such as Jon Heyman and Mark Berman credited Passan for the scoop, tweeting out the details themselves — because that’s exactly what many Twitter users sought instead of clicking Passan’s Instagram link.

Aside from the Passan news, it’s a wonderful development for Montero, a reliever who had the best brought out in him by Astros manager Dusty Baker.

Passan may have split the clicks on his scoop, but it could be a positive development for his news career as the Twitter landscape shifts for journalists everywhere.

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