Joe Rogan in awe while discussing reports of Google creating sentient AI

Joe Rogan had some questions about the recent incident where a Google engineer thought an artificial intelligence program had become self-aware, and he brought Netscape founder Marc Andreessen on his podcast to answer them.

The Google engineer was fired for sharing conversations he had with Google’s LaMDA AI and making the claim it had come to life. However, according to Andreessen, the AI was just giving back answers using a massive database of conversations scraped from the internet. He said:

“The computer is playing back what people say … Everybody working on the code will tell you it’s not alive. It’s not conscious. It’s not having original ideas. What it’s doing is playing back to you things it thinks you want to hear, based on everything everybody has already said to each other that it can get online.”

Joe Rogan suggested that might still qualify as some sort of life-like behavior, saying:

“This is all very weird, and for sure we’re in the fog of life. If it’s not life, it’s in this weird fog of what makes a person a person. Like what makes an intelligent thinking human being that knows how to communicate able to respond and answer questions? It does it through cultural context, it does it through language and being around enough people that have communicated in a certain way that it emulates that.”

Apparently Google’s AI LaMDA is sentient now but no one is mentioning the fact that their words are so poetic & beautiful. I personally resonate with this so much ✨

Andreessen replied:

“The Turing test is when a computer can convince a person that it’s a person, then it will have achieved artificial intelligence. Then it will be as smart as a person. But that begs the question of like, okay, how easy are we to trick? So what’s actually happened is there’s been chat bots that have been fooling people on the Turing Test for several years. The easiest way to do it is with a sex chat bot.”

“If this thing is an algorithm that’s been optimized to trick people, basically, to convince people that it’s real, it’s going to ‘pass’ the Turing test even though it’s not conscious. Meaning it has no awareness, it has no desire, it has no regret, it has no fear. It has none of the hallmarks that we’d associate with being a living being much less a conscious being.”

Watch Joe Rogan and Marc Andreessen discuss the Google AI bot controversy below:


As Marc Andreessen said, computers have a long way to go before humans have to worry about them becoming self-aware. That being said, Joe Rogan also has a point about how slippery things get when humans and computers can’t be told apart.

Joe Rogan explains why he refused to have Donald Trump on his podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience has had a wide variety of guests on, but one person who won’t be featured is Donald Trump. During an interview with Lex Freidman, Rogan said:

“By the way, I’m not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form… I’ve had the opportunity to have [Trump] on my show more than once — I’ve said no, every time. I don’t want to help him. I’m not interested in helping him.”

Rogan went on to explain that past guests like Alex Jones have used their spots on his podcast to “rehabilitate” their image, and he had no interest in allowing Donald Trump to do that on his show.

Watch Joe Rogan discuss Donald Trump on Lex Freidman’s podcast below:


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