Joey Chestnut Nathan’s Hot Dog contest record

Joey Chestnut has been unbeatable for over a decade in the Nathan’s Hot Dog contest on July 4, but what is his record for hot dogs eaten?

For well over a decade now, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest almost hasn’t been much of a contest at all thanks to Joey Chestnut. Arguably the greatest competitive eater to ever live has been a dominant force in the contest on Coney Island annually held on July 4 and no one has seemingly been in his stratosphere when it comes to this contest.

Those unfamiliar with the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest may not know the rules, but they’re quite simple. 20 competitors must eat as many hot dogs and buns in a 10-minute timespan (a time that has been set officially since 2008). There are penalties for messy eating and partially eaten dogs and buns will be counted in eighths if fractions are needed.

What has made Joey Chestnut so unbeatable in this contest, though, has been the unheard of and record-breaking numbers that he’s put up in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest. But what is his record entering the 2022 contest when he’s once again the heavy favorite?

Joey Chestnut record for Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest

The Joey Chestnut record for hot dogs eaten in the current 10-minute format isn’t hard to remember because he set it just in 2021 when he consumed an unreal 76 hot dogs and buns. However, he’s been consistently breaking the world record for some time.

Before the switch to 10 minutes, Chestnut held the world record in the 12-minute format with his 2007 total of 66 hot dogs and buns. He then set a mark that stood for some time in 2009 when he downed 68 dogs in 10 minutes.

He tied that record in 2012 but then finally broke it with a total of 69 in 2013. Since then, he’s broken it again in 2016 (70), 2017 (72), 2018 (74), 2020 (75) and 2021 (76). It’s no wonder that he’s only lost the contest once since 2007 considering that he seemingly breaks his own world record every time he comes to the table at Coney Island.

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