Joey Chestnut wins 2022 Nathan’s Hot Dog contest: Best tweets, memes

Joey Chestnut, injury and all, won the 2022 Nathan’s Hot Dog contest, and has won the mustard belt for the 15th time of his career.

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest is held every Fourth of July. In recent years, the event has been dominated by Joey Chestnut, who won 14 mustard championship belts in the previous 15 years. This year was a bit more of a challenge, considering Chestnut was on crutches due to a ruptured tendon in his leg.

As it turns out, it was another day in the office for Chestnut, as he won the 2022 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest by eating 63 hot dogs. He now has 15 championships at this event, more than Rafael Nadal has French Open titles (14).

Twitter reacts to Joey Chestnut winning 2022 Nathan’s Hot Dog contest

Twitter users reacted to the historic performance by Chestnut in Coney Island, NY.

Not only did Chestnut have to deal with is injury while competing, but he also was unphased when a protestor wearing a Darth Vader mask stood in front of him holding a sign. Chestnut saw this, grabbed the protestor by the neck and threw him backwards.

Chestnut has now consumed 1,152 hot dogs since his 2005 debut at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest, per ESPN Stats and Info.

The last time Chestnut lost a Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest since 2015, when he was defeated by Matt Stonie. Chestnut ate 60 hot dogs, while Stonie ate 62.

Finishing second place at the 2022 event was Geoffrey Esper, who ate 47.5 hot dogs.

Chestnut’s legacy grows further after winning his 15th mustard championship belt.

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