Joey Gallo has incredibly relatable reason for increased job performance with Dodgers

Joey Gallo joined the Los Angeles Dodgers at the trade deadline after a disappointing run with the New York Yankees. He’s doing much better in LA.

Joey Gallo was traded from the New York Yankees after a disappointing season. The Los Angeles Dodgers decided to take a chance on the veteran outfielder, and he’s performed significantly better.

Gallo reportedly stated his newfound success is due to “living by the beach.”

Many can agree that living by the beach is much more relaxing than living in the middle of New York City, where noise and lights are experienced at all hours of the day.

Joey Gallo is having newfound success with the Los Angeles Dodgers

Gallo was having one of the worst seasons of his career with the Yankees. By the end of his time in New York, he hit .159/.282/.339 for an OPS of .621. In his first 16 at-bats of the season, he hit .188/.381/.188.

Now, in 15 at-bats with the Dodgers, he’s hit .267/.267/.533 for an OPS of .800. In just six games, he’s already hit one home run. Gallo is going back to his best potential and proving he belongs in Los Angeles. To make his success even more outstanding, the Dodgers are, overall, one of the best teams in the league. He had a lot to prove when joining the team.

The Dodgers are an even more well-rounded team than the Yankees. The Dodgers have the third-best batting average in the league (.261) and best on-base percentage (.336), slugging percentage (.450) and OPS (.786).

They also have the best ERA (2.89), second-best opponent batting average (.215) and best WHIP (1.07). Gallo is thriving in an even more competitive environment, which is remarkable.

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