John Sterling’s call of Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR will have Yankees fans in tears (Video)

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge was chasing 61 home runs most of the season. Now, he’s taken it a step further and hit his 62nd on Tuesday.

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge chased 61 single-season home runs most of this season. Now, in the second-to-last Yankees game of the regular season, he’s taken his achievements a step further and hit his 62nd, setting a new franchise and AL record.

Radio commentator John Sterling called the homer, and it’s certainly emotional. He announced the hit with an astonished tone and stated, “Number 62 to set the new American League record!”

He further stated, “This is Judgement Day, case closed.”

Judge is then shown hugging and celebrating with his teammates in an emotional moment. He made history right down to the wire of the regular season after 61 years.

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge set a new record after 61 years

61 seems to be a lucky number for the Yankees. Roger Maris set the single-season home run record for the franchise and the AL in 1961 with 61 hits. 61 years later, Judge set a new record with minimal time left in the season.

Celebrate Aaron Judge Making History With BreakingT


There were no doubts that he was capable of doing so. He’s been a big topic of conversation in the league all season, especially as he got closer to 61 homers. He’s a potential AL MVP candidate against defending AL MVP Shohei Ohtani, and he’s being considered for a triple crown. Only 10 players have won a triple crown in MLB history. What can’t the man do?

He leads the league in several stats, including WAR (10.5), on-base percentage (.426), slugging percentage (.686), OPS (1.112), runs scored (131) and total bases (386), to name a few.

He’s the best hitter in the league this season and he still has several years ahead of him. Judge may be hitting his prime, and he’s just getting started.

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