Jon Heyman clarifies ill-fated Aaron Judge/Arson Judge to Giants tweet

MLB insider Jon Heyman caused quite the frenzy on Twitter over suspicion of Aaron Judge joining the Giants, and he’s spoken out on his situation.

For about five minutes on Tuesday, MLB fans thought Aaron Judge (or, more specifically, ’Arson Judge’) was officially signed to the San Francisco Giants thanks to a tweet from MLB insider Jon Heyman. Heyman later tweeted that information wasn’t correct and apologized for it.

He’s typically spot-on, so this big mess-up was particularly hard on baseball fans. Heyman spoke out to clarify what happened and why he tweeted out the incorrect info, and he took full responsibility.

Heyman told 95.7 The Game’s ‘Damon and Ratto:’

“I heard that he was going to the Giants from a couple of people, so I thought it was good enough. Since then, the Giants have said they haven’t heard, the Yankees have said they haven’t heard. So, I think they would know before me if it was anything definitive. At this point, I can say the tea leaves look more positive than they did before for the Giants. At this point, I would not report that, because I retracted it. It was an error to go that quickly with it.”

The information was certainly believable as the Giants have been publicly making big pushes for Judge.

Jon Heyman’s tweet on Aaron Judge joining the Giants was very believable

While Heyman’s tweet wasn’t accurate, it very well could be in the near future. The Giants have met with Judge and have been aiming to sign him for a while, and they also have the money to do so this year.

They’re very confident in their ability to sign him, and their biggest competitors are likely the New York Yankees. The fact that they’ve been very proactive on him and confidently speaking of their plans made it seem like a long-time coming.

Many are now hesitant to believe Heyman, rightfully so. However, he’s typically accurate in his statements and just happened to jump onto this one far too early.

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