Jordan Davis bull-rushes his way through Eagles O-line like it’s Vanderbilt

Watch Philadelphia Eagles rookie Jordan Davis make his offensive line resemble Vanderbilt’s.

After terrorizing the SEC for years, former Georgia football star Jordan Davis is turning heads at Philadelphia Eagles training camp.

This absolute … DAWG! just obliterated the pocket instantaneously during a drill in the trenches. While the defensive linemen may have the upper hand in this exercise, last year’s Bednarik and Outland Trophy recipient rendered the Birds’ offensive line as useless as Vanderbilt’s. This is bad news for Daniel Jones and the G-Men, as well as Carson Wentz now on his third NFL franchise…

Davis may not have gotten to the “quarterback” in this drill, but he understood the assignment.

Jordan Davis turns Philadelphia Eagles offensive line into Vanderbilt’s on a drill

Davis may have been arguably the best defensive player on the best defense in college football a year ago, but like his Georgia teammate Nakobe Dean, they both fell in the 2022 NFL Draft. Dumb teams questioned if Davis could be an every-down player in this league, allowing him to land with the Eagles at No. 13. Those teams who passed on essentially NFL Shaq are going to pay for this.

With the brute force of a freaking grizzly bear and a personality larger than life, this Swedish fish connoisseur is about to beloved in the City of Brotherly Love. His workman ethos, coupled with all the things that make Joel Embiid such a one-of-a-kind superstar, Philadelphia is so lucky to have drafted Davis. If Dean’s shoulder is not too busted, the Eagles are about to fly in the NFC playoffs.

Philadelphia may have surprised everyone a year ago by getting the No. 7 seed in what was supposed to be a rebuilding season for the Birds. Instead, it has raised the level of expectations for this bunch. Not only do they have to be at least a wild card team again, but many rabid fans will be disappointed if the Eagles do not win a very easy division. Maybe Davis can do something about it?

This may only be a drill in the preseason, but there is no denying the great talent Davis possesses.

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