Jordan Poole savages salty gambler for complaining about lost bet

Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole went at a follower on social media who DM’d him after a lost bet.

The lesson here is simple: Don’t ever meet your heroes.

Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole evidently does have time to deal with social media complaints, one by one. Poole replied to a follower who called him out after a lost bet, which the Warriors guard was apparently at least somewhat responsible for.

The terms of this bet are unknown, but I’m assuming there was a decent amount of money on the line for said gambler to reach out to the player himself.

As one can tell by the responses on Poole’s phone, he and the follower got into it quite a bit. Poole was recorded firing back.

Yeah, that was never going to end well.

Warriors guard Jordan Poole had some time on his hands

Jordan Poole and the Warriors have rebounded nicely from a tough start to the season. Draymond Green infamously punched Poole at a Golden State practice, leading to an indefinite suspension which lasted until the NBA’s opening night.

The two have gotten along fine since then, per teammates, as Green apologized to Poole and the squad before the start of the regular season. Dubs star Klay Thompson spoke out about the incident recently, saying that winning cures all.

“It’s unfortunate it got leaked, but those guys are all brothers, Jordan and Draymond,” Thompson said. “I knew, with time, like the old adage, time heals all wounds. I know winning and just having fun cures all.”

The Warriors star would’ve rather kept that issue in-house. It was reported around the league that Green and Poole got into a practice fight, but the video really painted the incident in a different light.

“We’re playing that brand of Warriors basketball again and once we continue to do so, I think it will just be a blip on the story,” Thompson continued.

As for Poole, he’s playing some of his best basketball yet, averaging 17.7 points per game on over 43 percent shooting from the field.

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