Josh McDaniels reveals crystal clear intentions with Derek Carr

Josh McDaniels already has his mind made up on which quarterback will be starting for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2022-2023. It’s good news for Derek Carr.

The Las Vegas Raiders have already figured out who their starting quarterback for the upcoming season will be. While some folks in Las Vegas may want a new quarterback to help the franchise move forward, new Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels has committed to having Derek Carr as his starting quarterback when the season begins.

Las Vegas Raiders: Josh McDaniels commits to quarterback Derek Carr

While Las Vegas could get creative and find other starting quarterbacks (there are several possible options available this year if the Raiders got real creative), there’s no guarantee that anyone would be an immediate upgrade (or even a long term upgrade) over Carr.

While he threw 14 interceptions and only had 23 touchdowns in 2021-2022, Carr is fresh off a season during which he managed to throw for 4,804 yards as he completed 68.4 percent of his passes. On top of that, Carr is familiar with the Raiders and knows this roster and how this franchise operates (including all of its quirks).

It’s not necessarily a bad idea to keep Carr around while the Raiders figure out what they want to do long term. If they find a diamond in the rough in the upcoming NFL Draft, having Carr around would allow Las Vegas to develop a younger quarterback and get him ready at a reasonable pace.

Of course, the Raiders could also go out and trade Carr later down the line when other teams might be a little more interested in making a possible trade. Right now, there are some solid arguments to keeping Carr at quarterback, even if the move won’t excite every Raiders fan out there.

It’ll be interesting to see how long this lasts though.

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