Juan Soto rumors: Mets fans convinced Home Run Derby proves interest

With the Washington Nationals shopping Juan Soto, Mets fans are convinced they could trade him within the NL East thanks to some buzz at the Home Run Derby.

Soto appears to be on the outs in Washington, and for good reason. Despite Mike Rizzo’s $440 million contract offer which would’ve made him the richest man in baseball, the AAV was not up the Scott Boras’ standard. This isn’t to mention the Nats ownership situation is in flux.

So, one can’t blame fans of rival fanbases for connecting some imaginary dots. If any team can afford to take on Soto’s enormous eventual contract, it’s a team which has Steve Cohen as owner.

Mets fans think the Home Run Derby proves Soto’s interest in heading to Queens.

Well, then. That’s…logical.

Juan Soto to Mets: Fans convinced rumors are true

The Mets and Yankees are two of the team rumored to be fighting over Soto. New York would be an attractive destination for the Nats star, as both teams feature capable farm systems to send prospects back Washington’s way.

Not to mention, both teams expect to be contenders for years to come, and have the capital to sign him to a long-term deal.

New York baseball fans just needed to convince themselves, evidently.

You gotta believe, right?

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