Juan Soto Twitter activity could hint strongly at future plans

Washington Nationals star and trade target Juan Soto may have given a hint as to his ideal location on Twitter. Could it be the New York Yankees?

Soto’s trade saga has taken a turn for the worst for Washington, which initially hoped to extend him to a 14-year deal. That did not go according to plan, as agent Scott Boras outlined the low AAV and the Nationals’ current ownership flux as reasons they declined a deal that would’ve made Soto the richest man in baseball.

When you take into account that, at his current progression, Soto could probably make upwards of $500 million on the free-agent market, it makes more sense.

There are few teams who can afford that sort of contract for one player, but the Yankees are surely one of them. Did Soto just drop a hint?

Soto liked this tweet from Jeter, which sure seems to drop a hint as to how he feels about the Nats:

Juan Soto rumors: Could Yankees be team to beat?

Soto’s social media activity could, as it is with most star athletes, be totally useless. But often times it can be a key into what the man or woman themselves are thinking.

That tweet from an MLB legend in Jeter suggests that a player shouldn’t be loyal to anyone else unless it’s two-fold. Soto’s camp has made it clear the last few days that he’s unhappy with the Washington front office for a number of reasons — from not meeting the ownership group to flying coach on the way to Los Angeles for All-Star week.

The connection to the Yankees is obvious. Soto would be beloved in New York, whether he plays for the Mets or Yankees. Jeter was a Yankee great, hence all the hoopla.

While the Nats will get to choose his immediate destination via trade, only Soto can agree to a long-term contract. That’s his trump card, and perhaps one he’ll use if he has to.

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