Justin Reid dangerously putting himself in front of the team with Bengals beef after loss

Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid still wouldn’t let his Bengals beef go after his team lost to Cincinnati this week.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs fell in a close matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday afternoon. Mahomes said all the right things postgame, complimenting Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense, which seem to have the Chiefs number.

A number of KC players expressed disappointment with another loss to the Bengals, as they should. These two teams seem destined to meet again in the postseason.

Yet, Justin Reid had something else on his mind — a pregame prediction that he would shut down Hayden Hurst. The Bengals tight end has just two catches for 12 yards, though much of that was due to injury, rather than Reid shutting him down.

Chiefs: Justin Reid is focused on the wrong things

Reid, of course, did not take it that way.

This comes just a few days after Reid apologized to Hurst for not respecting him:

“I feel bad that I didn’t know — I didn’t give the proper respect to Hayden Hurst in this game,” Reid said, via Charles Goldman of USA Today Sports. “I apologized to him for that. I still feel confident and always will be confident in our team and our defense to go out and play tough football. Credit to [the Bengals], they went out and played a hell of a game today. [They] made a couple of more plays than we did and came out with the win.”

By caring more about his individual matchup than the team’s ultimate goal, Reid is by definition putting himself in front of the organization. Expect Mahomes, Andy Reid and Co. to have a discussion with the Chiefs safety about his priorities in this matter.

Something is amiss.

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