Keeping track of all the White Rabbit clues dropped on WWE television

There have been plenty of White Rabbit clues on WWE television. Here are all of the clues that were displayed.

WWE fans have been caught up in the mystery that is the White Rabbit. During live events, televised and non-televised, fans heard the playing of the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit,” where the light would eventually turn bright red. Granted, this was only during commercial breaks.

Then, QR codes were placed in random spots during episodes of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, which would take users to web pages. Those pages would show clues and include the image of the White Rabbit.

So, who is the White Rabbit? Is it Bray Wyatt? Is it someone else? For those who missed out on those clues provided, we have you covered.

Sept. 19 WWE Monday Night Raw White Rabbit clue

The first clue was a video of a game of hangman being played. The question that was asked was “who killed the world?” As the video played, the answer was “you did,” but it was solved with one leg left. Interestingly enough, the first letters chosen were “d-e-m-o-n,” which obviously spells demon.

Once the answer was provided, there was a checkerboard background with a bottomless pit shown on the screen which read “come with me.” A white rabbit then hopped into said hole, to which “9-23” and “9:23” flashed on the screen.

That was Sept. 23, which was the date of the next episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Here is a clip of the White Rabbit clue, courtesy of FOX Sports’ Ryan Satin.

Sept. 23 WWE Friday Night SmackDown White Rabbit clue

The next QR code directed fans to a creative minigame to play on your phone or computer. The game was Pac-Man-esque, where you had to direct a rabbit past moving fire and towards the door. Once doing so, a video is shown of the rabbit walking through the door, and the word “patricide” is shown above map coordinates.

Patricide means, per Merriam Webster, “the murder of one’s own father.”

As for the coordinates, they were for the Rogers Arena in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the location for the next episode of Raw.

Sept. 26 WWE Monday Night Raw White Rabbit clue

Interestingly enough, the QR code showed up during Dominik Mysterio’s entrance. At Clash at the Castle in September, Dominik turned on his father, Rey Mysterio.

As for the code itself, it directs you to a TikTok video from user “comewithme,” which showed a variety of WWE and ECW stars saying “who killed the world? You did. Feed your head.”

At the very end of the video, the numbers “40701,” which is the zip code for Corbin, KY.

If you noticed in the video caption, it contains the numbers “44.244273.7.769737.” If you type in those numbers in your search engine, it brings up the result of a giant pink rabbit located in Prata Nevoso, Italy.

You can view the video at this link.

Sept. 30 WWE Friday Night SmackDown White Rabbit clue

The QR code on the Sept. 30 SmackDown was perhaps the weirdest of them all. It showed clips from Disney’s “Three Little Pigs” film from 1933. It shows a video of the pigs, which then cuts to photos of pork hanging off a hook. Then, they show the Big Bad Wolf, then cutting to an image of the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood dressed as a Grandma.

There is morse code playing in the video, which various Twitter users said that it translates to “Azazel Reborn.”

It is also important to note that there is a small image of a rabbit at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you click on it, the file name is “TS_S10E6.” As was pointed out online, that is shortened for The Simpsons’ sixth episode of the tenth season titled “D’oh-in in the Wind.” That episode, ironically enough, features “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. That was pointed out by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp.

In that file name, it also contains a phone number.  When calling it, audio plays. When playing it backwards it spells “Bravo. Echo. Lima. Alpha. India. Romeo. I am the way into the City of Woe. I am the way into the eternal sorrow.”

“Bravo. Echo. Lima. Alpha. India. Romeo” translates to “BELAIR” with the military alphabet.  As for the words that follow, that comes from the quote from Dante Alighieri. The clip can be listened to below, via Sean Ross Sapp.

There was also someone holding up a sign behind the broadcast booth that read “Revel in What You Are.” As some Twitter users pointed out, those words were used in a tweet by Bray Wyatt when sharing a painting made by artist Rob Schamberger.

Oct. 3 WWE Monday Night Raw White Rabbit clue

The next QR code took place on the Oct. 3 episode of Raw. When going to the webpage, it featured a painting and a Magic Eye image. That can be seen at this link.

The portrait is of Samson and Delilah, which Ryan Satin points out in the below tweets.

As for the Magic Eye, Satin tweets that if you put the code seen in the Magic Eye image in a Base 64 decoder, it comes out as 10822, which is the date of the Extreme Rules premium live event (Oct. 8). Speaking of, the URL of the second QR code features the coordinates for the Wells Fargo Center, which is the host location for Extreme Rules, as Satin points out in his tweet thread linked above.

Oct. 7 WWE Friday Night SmackDown White Rabbit clue

It did not take long for a QR code to pop up, as it was featured on the microphone held by Triple H in an opening promo. It linked to a video of the Three Little Pigs, with a voice over that repeated “let me in” and it included sounds of knocking on a door.

One interesting thing that stood out in the video is if you pause it near the end, you will see Huskus, the puppet featured in Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse segments.

You can watch the video at this link.

Later on during SmackDown, a video of the 8-bit White Rabbit aired. The rabbit noticed a purple X on the ground and began digging a hole. From there, the rabbit fell in, and and fire burst from it. Then, “Tomorrow Night, 10.8.22” flashed on the screen, followed by “Feed Your Head.”

So, the identity of the White Rabbit will be revealed during the Extreme Rules premium live event on Saturday.

Will it actually be the returning Bray Wyatt? Or will it be someone else? We will have to wait and find out.

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