Kroger Juneteenth hours: Is Kroger open on Juneteenth? (Updated June 2022)

Juneteenth will be recognized as a federal holiday on Monday, June 20, 2022 and we’re letting you know if Kroger is open or closed.

In 2021, President Joe Biden put into effect a law that will forever recognize Juneteenth as a federal holiday.

The holiday, which has been celebrated for many years in an “unofficial” capacity, commemorates the day on June 19, 1865 when Union Army Major General Gordon Granger came to Galveston, TX and informed enslaved African Americans that they were free. That is certainly a cause worth celebrating.

But in terms of the federal holiday, that means that many businesses and obviously federal buildings could recognize the holiday and be closed. So what about those who need groceries on Monday? Well, that begs the question then: Is Kroger open or closed on Juneteenth.

Kroger Juneteenth hours: Is Kroger open or closed on Juneteenth?

Good news for those who use Kroger as their go-to grocery store or supermarket. According to the company’s website, “most” stores are open regular store hours on Juneteenth.

Because of the emphasis on “most”, we do suggest you check with your local store with a quick call just to make sure. However, it figures that there is a low chance of stores being completely closed since the company touts being open.

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