KSI drops Luis Pineda 7 times in comically bad TKO victory (Video)

KSI scored two victories in one night at The O2 Arena in London, England. The first fight was bad, but the second was more than laughable. 9

KSI stepped into the boxing ring at The O2 Arena in London, England, for the second time on Aug. 27 and dropped Luis Pineda seven times in a round 3 TKO victory.

That sounds like an impressive feat, but if you watched the fight, you’d also think you could be a professional boxer.

YouTuber turned boxer KSI was supposed to fight social media star Alex Wassabi but had to change plans after Wassabi pulled out of the bout due to injury. With two weeks before the Aug. 27 fight date, KSI devised a level marketing plan.

KSI announced that he would fight twice in one night. That sounds pretty cool, but his opponents were pretty poor competition.

His first opponent was rapper Swarmz, who had no boxing experience. Swarmz looked ridiculous in the boxing ring as he spun in circles to avoid KSI’s punches. That tactic didn’t work, and Swarmz was KO’d early in round 2.

KSI’s second opponent was professional boxer Pineda. Pineda (2-6) was supposed to add legitimacy to KSI’s publicity stunt, but his performance in the ring exposed Pineda as one of the worst boxers around.

KSI knocked down Luis Pineda seven times and won by TKO in round three at The O2 Arena

Pineda came in with two wins on his record but also had a four-fight losing streak. He never scored a knockout and was billed as a super welterweight. According to ring announcer Michael Buffer, Pineda came in at 179 pounds but looked like a sack of bones with very little muscle.

KSI came out fast against Pineda and knocked him down with a right hand. Pineda complained that he was punched behind the head. He continued to complain annoyingly for the rest of the contest.

It seemed like every punch KSI landed caused Pineda to complain to the referee. It was funny but also sad, showing that Pineda was a dumpster bin find of a boxer. Pineda went down again from another KSI right hand.

Pineda went down for a third time in round 1 but took a knee on his own as he tried to complain some more.

The knockdowns continued as Pineda hit the deck twice in round 2 and twice in round 3. The final knockdown came from a KSI left hook to the head. The referee finally called an end to a miserable fight.

Pineda’s actions were an embarrassment and showed that KSI faced no competition. KSI can box a little but needs a real opponent before anyone can take him seriously. Randomly picking two fans in attendance could have yielded better competition, which tells you how bad Swarmz and Pineda were in the ring.


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