Kyler Murray and Patrick Peterson’s beef, explained

Minnesota Vikings CB Patrick Peterson has made one thing very clear this season: he has no love for his former team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Peterson spent the first 10 years of his career in Arizona but his time there didn’t sit well with him. According to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, Peterson said the Cardinals used to leave emails sent to the team by fans that were critical of Peterson and his play. This was reported after the Vikings victory over the Cardinals, a game in which Peterson intercepted a Kyler Murray pass, then celebrated by playing a video game, mocking Murray.

Well, the Murray mockery didn’t stop there.

On the latest episode of Peterson and Bryant McFadden’s podcast ‘All Things Covered’, Peterson was very critical of Murray, saying that Kyler Murray didn’t care about anyone but himself.

Yeesh, harsh words coming from Peterson, who played with Murray from 2019 to 2020.

Of course, Murray responded as soon as Peterson’s words circulated around social media, calling the statement by Peterson not true.

Then, soon after, Cardinals star WR DeAndre Hopkins weighed in himself, but only in cryptic messages because that’s always how wide receivers tweet.

Anyway, Hopkins fired off two tweets that may or may not be associated with the Murray-Peterson war of words.

This season hasn’t gone how Murray or the Cardinals have hoped, in any way shape or form. Murray has been injured, but even when he does play, he’s not executing at the level he was during the early parts of last year. Murray is near the bottom of the league in Expected Points Added per play and QBR, and has only thrown 14 touchdowns this season. Of course, Hopkins just returned from being suspended, but the Cardinals offense has fallen off a cliff (lol).

When the Cardinals played the 49ers in Mexico without Murray, ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown had an interesting conversation about Murray and his play, insinuating that backup QB Colt McCoy might be better for the offense.

Safe to say, Murray and Peterson won’t be squadding up on Call of Duty anytime soon.

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