“Kyrie, with all the issues, is a no-doubt-about-it, slam-dunk move; I think LeBron wants it” – Colin Cowherd says Kyrie Irving will make LA Lakers relevant again, believes LeBron James wants to be relevant right now

Kyrie Irving has become one of the top targets for the LA Lakers during the offseason. Analyst Colin Cowherd believes it’s an intelligent decision to pursue Irving, as he could make LeBron James and the Lakers relevant again.

As the offseason progresses, the Lakers have not made significant moves to fix the issues from last year. Some fans want the team to acquire Irving and reunite him with James, his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate.

Cowherd said the Lakers should move on Irving. On “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” Cowherd said:

“I don’t think the Lakers are in the championship window anymore. I do think with Kyrie Irving, they’re in the playoff business again, and they’re in the relevant business again. When you have a brand as big as Duke, Notre Dame, the Yankees, the Braves, Ohio State football, Kentucky basketball or the Lakers, you can’t not make the tournament.”

Being one of the most successful teams in NBA history places extra pressure on the Lakers to be relevant. The team has one of the best players in league history on the roster, so missing the playoffs is problematic.

Kyrie Irving makes the Lakers relevant again. @ColinCowherd explains…”You’ve got to make the playoffs and be in the discussion in May and June. I think it’s a no doubt about it, slam dunk move.

Cowherd said Irving can fix the Lakers.

“You’ve got to be relevant. It’s embarrassing. You have so many geographical and historic advantages, so many in the Lakers’ case. Mediterranean-weather advantages. You’ve got to make the playoffs. You’ve got to be in the discussion in May and June. I think Kyrie, with all the issues, is a no-doubt-about-it, slam-dunk move.

If Irving joins the Lakers, the team could be as successful as the first paring of Irving and James.

A LeBron James-Kyrie Irving reunion could save the LA Lakers

LA Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, left, and coach Darvin Ham
LA Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, left, and coach Darvin Ham

Kyrie Irving has been a problematic star over the past few seasons, but he has been successful with LeBron James in the past. Analyst Colin Cowherd believes a reunion could be something everyone wants.

“I think LeBron wants it,” Cowherd said. “I think Kyrie wants it. … I think, once again, it’s a pro athlete that has a choice, and they’re interested in Los Angeles even when the team isn’t right.”

While the decision may be occurring because Irving intends to live in Los Angeles, another reason could exist. The chemistry between Irving and James led to one of the most successful runs in Irving’s career.

If Irving and James can return to the dynamic duo they once were, the Lakers could become relevant again.

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