Lamar Jackson turned a certain sack into an absurd play for the Ravens

There is no one in NFL history quite like Lamar Jackson. Prime Michael Vick was just as dynamic as a scrambler, but it feels like Jackson is the most elusive quarterback in league history, whether he’s using his legs to gain yards on the ground, or make defenders miss before throwing a pass. In Week 4 against the mighty Buffalo Bills, Jackson had one of the most impressive escapes of his career.

On a 2nd-and-19 midway through the second quarter, the Bills appeared to have Jackson sacked in the backfield with multiple defenders draped all over him. Somehow, Jackson escaped, and fired a pass that bounced off Mark Andrews safely into the hands of Devin Duvernay. You won’t see a more ridiculous play in Week 4.

Watch the full highlight here.

Lamar Jackson is impossible. This play should have been stopped at least three times, but somehow Jackson always finds a way to make a play.

Jackson has one MVP to his name already. He’s building a case for his second MVP run in the early part of the season this year. It’s an honor and a blessing to watch Lamar to play football because of plays like this one.

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