LeBron called out for lies by Jalen Ramsey on live TNF alternate broadcast

LeBron James has misspoken the truth one too many times, and Super Bowl champion Jalen Ramsey let him know about it.

LeBron James may be a great basketball player, but too many times, he has lied on Twitter without really being called out for it.

NFL All-Pro Jalen Ramsey called out the NBA superstar for lying when the Los Angeles Lakers star spoke about his football knowledge, specifically regarding the reigning Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams and Sean McVay’s playbook. Ramsey, someone unknown to hold his tongue, wasted no time giving James the business.

There’s no question some of James’ biggest fans, such as Shannon Sharpe, will be a bit offended by this and look to defend their guy, but there is no defense. The bottom line is that James was wrong and lied, yet this wasn’t the first time he lied on social media.

See the incident with the Migos album and then having the audacity to sit up there and say he doesn’t know how to flop. The blasphemy was on stage for the world to see.

Jalen Ramsey wasted no time calling out LeBron James for lying on TNF broadcast

Here’s the deal. No one is saying that LeBron James doesn’t know football at all, but what he said was false. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world. It was just hilarious and had to be addressed. It was a mistake and should be corrected. No one is above reproach.

Also, it shows that Jalen Ramsey is still the person NFL fans know him to be. Someone who isn’t afraid to say what they want to say, and while it may be liked or disliked, it’s going to come straight from him. Ramsey plays for Sean McVay, so he would know about that team better than anyone. LeBron knew that, and he messed up, so he got corrected, and now, let’s move on.

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