“Let the courts decide”: Jeff Wittek hints at taking legal action against David Dobrik over excavator accident 

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has threatened to take legal action against Vlog Squad leader David Dobrik after the latter addressed the ongoing beef amongst the two on his Views podcast. Dobrik spoke in detail about Wittek’s traumatic eye injury and commented on him being responsible for Wittek walking off The Roast of Bryce Hall.

Tensions between the two former friends arose after Jeff Wittek sustained a horrific eye injury from the hands of David Dobrik. Wittek was hanging and was swung from a rope tied to an excavator operated by Dobrik.

Recently, David Dobrik apologized by saying:

“I’m so sorry that this happened to you, Jeff. And I wish it was easier to deal with this.”

What did Jeff Wittek say about the latest Views podcast episode?

In the recent Jeff FM podcast episode titled DISCUSSING WHAT *REALLY* HAPPENED, the 32-year-old was not pleased with Dobrik’s apology. While reacting to the latest Views podcast episode, he accused Dobrik of slander. He added:

“I appreciate it Dave, after the last hour of slander. I’m not going to beat you up anymore. I’m just going to take this the right way, the smart way and just let the courts decide. You know, you’re making a lot of statements here that are very untrue, that are so easy to disprove.”

With immense exasperation, Wittek continued:

“So, let’s just let the courts decide and you’ll have to sign a paper that says, ‘Yeah, this was a lie and I’m guilty of this and this and that.’ We can go that route about it because let’s be honest I get no points for beating you up.”

David Dobrik did not comment on the potential lawsuit against him at the time of writing this article.

What did David Dobrik say on his podcast?

In a much-awaited apology, David Dobrik stated that not a day goes by where he does not feel resentment over Wittek’s eye injury. He said on the podcast:

“That day is the worst thing to have ever happened to me. I would do f**king anything to take that day back. It’s the most unfortunate thing ever. It’s an accident, like that’s what it was.”

The YouTuber also revealed that Jeff Wittek was attacking him online after Dobrik mentioned in an interview that Wittek came up with the idea for the infamous dangerous stunt. Dobrik stated on the podcast that Wittek wanted it to remain a secret.

Dobrik also mentioned in the podcast episode that he was not responsible for “censoring” Jeff Wittek’s jokes on The Roast of Bryce Hall.

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