“Let’s get as weird as we can” – Seth Rollins discloses the reason behind wearing eccentric suits in WWE

Seth Rollins created a fresh lane for himself with the Visionary gimmick, which is often a bizarre and unhinged character. Even his outlandish outfits channel his maniacal energy, as he wears a wholly unique one for every show he’s featured on.

Seth Rollins has proclaimed himself to be the “Drip God” in WWE, and with everyone locking their eyes on what he wears every time he steps in the ring, it’s hard to argue against it. But even with the quirky getups, the former WWE Champion still manages to never skip a beat when he competes.

In his interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Seth Rollins revealed how he was at first hesitant to go all in on the outfit idea.

“In the beginning, I was kind of hesitant to just 100% go with it. But as I was just getting more comfortable in the character — because when I first started, I didn’t really know, I didn’t have a full grip on what the character was going to look like or where I was going to pull motivation from; I had a couple of ideas, but honestly, it was not where it’s at now is not where I saw it at the beginning.”

He explained that it was meant to be a throwback to the Ric Flair and Rick Rude era, but was also meant to modernize it for the current generation.

“The clothes were just like — I was trying to do something completely different, you know? Something that was off the wall, but a bit of a throwback to your Ric Flairs, or your Rick Rudes, or another one Gorgeous George. Just these flamboyant characters, and how could I modernize that, right?” (H/T: Fightful)

Seth Rollins revealed he wanted to be as weird with his outfits as possible

Seth Rollins has always been a tremendous performer in the ring, but now one of his biggest attractions in the Visionary character has turned into the outfits he wears. The self-proclaimed Drip God of WWE has donned some of the wackiest attires ever and upped the level of quirkiness at every premium live event.

The former WWE Universal Champion further stated that once he started getting comfortable wearing the suits, he wanted to get even weirder with them.

“So I had had Troy and enlisted and he was gung ho on trying to find stuff and the first things he started to pass me were suits. So I was like, ‘Okay,’ and so we just kept doing the suits. Once I got comfortable in it, and people started to take note of it, it was like, ‘Alright, let’s get as weird as we can,’ and so we just keep going,” Seth Rollins said. (H/T: Fightful)

Perhaps we’ll see Seth Rollins up the ante for his attire again when he arrives at Extreme Rules for his Fight Pit match against Matt Riddle.

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