“Let’s keep doing this now” “Needed that thank god” – New York Yankees fans celebrate end of losing streak with big win over Seattle Mariners

New York Yankees fans are thrilled that their team finally ended their losing skid by trouncing the Seattle Mariners. For some teams in the MLB, a five-game losing streak would be common, but the Yankees are uncommonly great this season. Now with 71 wins, the Yankees have the best record in the American League.

This game ended 9-4 in the Yankees’ favor and was capped off with a ninth-inning home run from Aaron Judge. This is exactly the performance that New York Yankees fans were hoping to see. With renewed confidence, it did not take long for them to celebrate this win over the Seattle Mariners.

The hope is that this can be the beginning of a winning streak and a true return to form for the Yankees.

@Yankees Let’s keep doing this now yay

Josh Donaldson was particularly great against the Mariners. With three hits, including one homer, Donaldson was the best offensive player for the Yankees. These efforts did not go unappreciated.

Despite being the best team in the MLB for most of the season, many Yankees fans were losing confidence in the team. This win seems to have been reassuring.

Goodbye a 5-game-losing streak. Lots of encouraging sign with some heart breaking development. Have to keep winning.…

If the team can end their trip to the Pacific Northwest with a series win, it will be viewed as a major success.

@Yankees almost forgot what this felt like. win tmmr.

New York Yankees fans have had plenty of reasons to celebrate this season, and are overjoyed to have yet another one.

A win that ends a lengthy losing streak is always more enjoyable than other wins. Despite not playing in the game, the win feels more earned.

@Yankees Finally the losing skid is over

There will always be those who expect the losing streak to extend, and are then happily surprised when it is instead ended.

The New York Yankees’ victory over the Seattle Mariners was never in doubt in this game. Given the Yankees’ recent struggles, it was exactly the game their fans needed to see.

New York Yankees will look to build off the momentum from beating the Seattle Mariners

Judge and Torres after the big win
Judge and Torres after the big win

The New York Yankees’ position in the playoffs is nearly cemented, but the seeding is yet to be made final. If they want to be the number one team in the AL they will need to stay ahead of the Houston Astros. This could end up being very important as home field can be decisive in teh postseason.

The win over the Seattle Mariners put the Yankees back on the right track, and it came at the perfect time. With less than two months left in the season, every win will matter as the season races towards the playoffs.

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